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Item Description

SIMPLEX for Touch4th SP[FA-M-087]

Our Selling Price: US$207.00 (tax excl.)

SIMPLEX for Touch4th SP 
is the simplest model in FACTRON.
A simple shape was adopted to give clear expression to the qualities of metal. The graceful
curves fit your hand perfectly.

The leather color variation of 3 colors
You can choose this new product from the leather color of 3 colors.
The material of these leathers is a natural calfskin. They are a shrink leathera and leather of the crocodile style .   
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Lens exchange system
You can enjoy the photography with different lens which can change freely,just like a single-lens reflexcamera.
Many interchangeable lenses are available separately 

Four strap holes
The strap holes for jacket are hidden at the portion of each corners.
A strap can be attached anywhere in these four corners.

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 The jacket material is duralumin (an aluminum alloy), which is also used in the airline industry.
The material of four screws is stainless steel.

Weight : About 27g
Body material : Duralumin

 •Made in Japan
• An iPod is not included.
• This product is not designed to protect the iPod from shocks or impacts. Factus Design Inc. will bear no responsibility for damage, malfunction, loss, or the loss of data sustained by the iPod through impact or through other causes. 
• The specifications, appearance, or bundled items may change without notice. 
• The connector section is small for structural reasons. A conversion cable may be needed when using earphones with a wider diameter than Apple earphones. 
• A strap is not included.
• The product is not waterproof. Should the product become wet, remove the device immediately and wipe all parts dry before putting them together again.
• Verify that the screws are tight each time before using.
• All products are made to order, and cancellations are not accepted.