SUCCESS for AppleWatch7 Titanium 45mm [FA-W-088]

SUCCESS for AppleWatch7 Titanium 45mm [FA-W-088]

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 These products are for Apple Watch Series7 45mm.

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"SUCCESS for AppleWatch7"

Jacket for Apple Watch Series7 45mm.

Transform your Apple Watch into a unique "watch".

FACTUS DESIGN Inc., the creator of the FACTRON brand, began as an exceptional, independent design shop specializing inwatch design. Based on its extensive experience in watch design, the company has undertaken a broad range of product design, inspiring the establishment of the FACTRON brand.

This Apple Watch case takes full advantage of our design experience, incorporating in every aspect our watch design technology and know-how.

Transform your Apple Watch into a wristwatch with a design developed with careful attention to detail and with 3D machining technology that faithfully reproduces the designer’s intent.

This model is compatible with iOS ECG APP.

The precise structure opens the crown cover, allowing you to place your finger on the digital crown.

This product has a structure that fully covers the entire Apple Watch. Designed to look like a unique wristwatch.

The material of the jacket and strap is pure titanium.

Titanium has excellent strength, lightness, and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material to wear.

It is also used in medical treatment and is a metal with few allergies.
And it is a very difficult material to manufacture.

This product is an unprecedented fusion of 3D printing and machining of metal powder, which is rare in the world.

The crown and bezel are machined over time.
Each part is carefully hand-polished to maximize the luster of the metal.

Asymmetrical design with different left and right impressions.

A luxurious and unique Apple Watch case designed by FACTRON designers who have been involved in watch design for many years.


A large crown cover of the chrysanthemum crown type, reminiscent of an antique watch for both the leather strap model and the titanium strap model.
Easy to push and has excellent design.


1.Black Leather strap model

 The material of the case is pure titanium. Manufactured with 3D metal print.

The bezel, crown cover and button cover are machined from titanium.

The leather strap is an aged matte leather with a solid and thick texture.
There may be scratches on the leather due to aging processing.
With a double-sided one-touch buckle that is easy to put on and take off.
The screws and buckle are made of stainless steel, which is durable and rust resistant.

2.Titanium strap model

The material of the case and strap is pure titanium.

The case and strap are manufactured with 3D metal print and fit smoothly on your wrist.

The bezel, crown cover and button cover are machined from titanium.

The strap with 3D titanium metal print has a considerably different usability from the general metal metal strap, and has a large clearance. Also, unlike general metal straps, the adjustment between the pieces of the band is also loosely connected by the structure of connecting pieces with spring rods, so it is comfortable to wear.

The screws and buckles are made of stainless steel, which is strong and resistant to rust.





FACTRON's Factus Design Co., Ltd. has been involved in the design of many industrial products as an industrial design office.


The brand "FACTRON" launched in it,
It is an original work produced and sold as our design expression.


Unlike mass-produced products, FACTRON is a product that the creator puts his heart into, where the designer who designed and engineered it manipulates the machine tool and cuts it out one by one and polishes it by hand.






How to order
Select the strap and quantity from the pull-down menu at the top and add it to the cart.

This model is for Apple Watch series7  45mm only.
There is no 41mm lineup.



Body material : Titanium
Strap material : Fine calf leather,Titanium
Screw material :Stainless steel 

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The user manual is in Japanese.

  • Made in Japan
  • The user manual is in Japanese.

  • An Apple Watch is not included.
  • This product is not designed to protect the Apple Watch from shocks or impacts. Factus Design Inc. will bear no responsibility for damage, malfunction, loss, or the loss of data sustained by the Apple Watch through impact or through other causes.
    The specifications, appearance, or bundled items may change without notice.
  • The product is not waterproof. Should the product become wet, remove the device immediately and wipe all parts dry before putting them together again.
  • Verify that the screws are tight each time before using.
  • All products are made to order, and cancellations are not accepted.
  • Since the product is made from metal, bluetooth may be difficult to receive.