FISHEYE CONVERTER x0.24 185° [FA-K-001]

FISHEYE CONVERTER x0.24 185° [FA-K-001]

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This lens is a spherical fisheye lens with a 185° angle of view designed for camera cell phones. The ability to photograph a hemispheric (180°) field and improved resolution makes fisheye lens photography even more enjoyable. You can take close-up photographs of subjects about 2 cm away. Hemispheric close-ups are not like normal close-ups and have a uniquely different look.

* The lens is bundled with image processing software (CD-ROM) for correcting fisheye lens distortions.(Japanese only )

Lens structure: 3 elements / 3 groups
Image magnification: 0.25
Angle of view: 185°
Lens: Optical glass Lens
body: Metal
Bundled items: lens cap, lens pouch, and panorama photography software CD

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