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Item Description

G1 for iPhone5[FA-M-169]

Our Selling Price: US$166.00 (tax excl.)
Prices vary according to options.

FACTRON's  all products of iPhone 5 are modified to iPhone5s.A LED light next to lens has changed to vertically bigger for iPhone5s so as FACTRON's products.The products order from now on becomes iPhone5 and iPhone5s combined use. 


Release of our new product, sharp and well-formed jacket for iPhone5.

Basic colors are black,  gunmetal and shiny silver.


The main part of a jacket can be chosen from two materials.

   Duralumin A2017
  Super extra duralumin A7075

A7075 has the highest intensity in an aluminum alloy, and hardness,which surface is also stronger and tenacious compared to A2017.
A2017 is a material of the usual FACTRON products.

Weight : About 
Body material :
Duralumin or Super extra duralumin (at your choice)
Screw material :Stainless steel 

Payment Information
Payment accepted by bank transfer or PayPal.
I will ship it after I get confirmation of money receipt.
Please note that unless the money receipt can be confirmed, order will not be confirmed.


• Made in Japan
• An iPhone is not included.
Interchangeable lensesis not included.
• This product is not designed to protect the iPhone from shocks or impacts. Factus Design Inc. will bear no responsibility for damage, malfunction, loss, or the loss of data sustained by the iPhone through impact or through other causes.
• The specifications, appearance, or bundled items may change without notice.
• The connector section is small for structural reasons. A conversion cable may be needed when using earphones with a wider diameter than Apple earphones.
• A strap is not included.
• The product is not waterproof. Should the product become wet, remove the device immediately and wipe all parts dry before putting them together again.
• Verify that the screws are tight each time before using.
• All products are made to order, and cancellations are not accepted.

•Since the product is made from metal, wireless LAN signals and 3G,GMS,GPS may be difficult to receive.
・Before you put the cover on, if the antenna of 3 lines that shows cell phone reception is poor (originally, where it is poor area),a signal may hard to get in some cases.
・If the antenna is less than 2 (where signal is poor) at your home or work place, not recommend using it.