"Yoshii"hand made resin figure PIYORA

"Yoshii"hand made resin figure PIYORA

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Artist “Yoshii” hand made resin figures

W90mm x D58mm x H60mm
Made in japan

"Yoshii" / Hiroshi Yoshii

Mr. Yoshii is one of the most acclaimed digital artists in Japan. He is a pioneer in the use of Corel Painter to make digital images in the Japanese illustration world. He freelanced as an illustrator and created various characters for major TV programs, commercials, corporate websites, campaign and events. Yoshii specializes in crystallizing characters for his clients’ needs with little direction. “My three dimensional characters are created by a harmonious combination of beauty, ludicrousness, and comicality. I love making my virtual figures/characters from a scratch and developing them with strong appearances. I am interested in making 3D animation and vinyl figure/toys in near future.”

Gloria Jean’s Coffee [U.S.A.] (characters for campaign), Total [France] (characters for publicity), ONTEX (housing improvement Corporate), Nippon Designer Geijutsu Gakuin, Matsushita Electric Works (characters for the website and show rooms), ALC (characters for its CD-Rom publication Power Words CD-Rom series), Japan Telecom, TV Tokyo (program character), Nippon Television Network (animation), House Foods (characters for the website), Mac Fan Expo in Kansai 1997 (event’s main character), E3/Tokyo 1996 (character and CM animation), Kodak Japan, Maxell, NTT docomo, and many more.

Illustrations for the column pages of French weekly magazine Le Point, Cover for the French monthly magazine SVM Mac, Cover and illustration for the text book Reading (Scholastic USA), Cover for Monthly Kyoin Yousei Seminar (Jiji Press), Cover for Quarterly CD-Rom Nikkei Corporate Information (Nihon Keizai Shimbun), Cover for Monthly Gokaku Jyoho Shoi (Gakken), Cover for WWW Yellow Page (AI Publishing), and many more.

The official site of "Yoshii" is here.



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