KEI MURATA " Blumenstuck"

KEI MURATA " Blumenstuck"

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This is a flower vase with which flower arrangement can be decorated like a frame.
Apply to a wall, and it is decorated or this flower vase can also be placed on a desk, a table, or a sideboard.
Since the inner base is contained in the main part, a water substitute and washing can also be simplified.
Blumenstuck will become interior design impressive in your room, and cool.

Blumenstuck is expressing the "Haiku poem" of Japan.
"Haiku poem"   Although it is the short poetry composed with only 17 character, simple and very deep expression can be carried out.

w267mm d46mm h300mm
Made in Japan 


KEI MURATA DESIGN representation
The product designer / conceptor

He is a product designer who does philosophy.

The lecturer of Hosei University and Meisei University
Japan Industrial Designers' Association regular member


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  • Mat white
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